Real estate assets are esteemed to account for two-thirds of the wealth of Italian households, but they are not currently managed with the same level of expertise as financial investments.

Real estate still accounts for a very high share of wealth, and it is to some extent dormant. Many investors are growing aware of this and demanding increasingly sophisticated real estate advice.

Alessandro Foti,
CEO, Fineco Bank

In Italy, real estate investments account for 63% of aggregated private wealth, with the remaining 37% consisting of financial investments.

And yet, while a multitude of private bank advisors or specialised businesses provide advice on financial investments, real estate investments are exclusively left to transaction middlepeople, often lacking a specific expertise.

As a result, choices are typically made from basic parameters, such as price per square metre, without considering the impact of fast-changing factors that can only be grasped with the help of real estate asset management advisors.

We believe that Italy is experiencing a quick proliferation of expert teams combining some diverse sets of skills to advise on real estate investments based on their clients’ goals.